In the Barnyard (Part 1)

Out in the barnyard on a super sunny day, gathered some friends who really wanted to play. There was Gerti the goat, John Paul the pig, Henry the horse, and Duck, Sally Sue…just to name a few. Friends eager for adventure. Friends eager for fun. Friends eager to know which way to run.

Fresh hay in the stall, fresh mud in sty, and green grass on the pasture hills on this lovely spring day. Sty? Too messy. Stall? Too small. The grassy hills seemed best of all.

Rushing to the hills, a site unseen, hid a sneaky sly squirrel up high in a tree. Lips in a mischievous grin and hands on his hips, the squirrel watched the friends rush by.

“Ouch!” Sally Sue exclaimed, rubbing her head as she turned to look. Her friends stopped and gazed. What could it be?

“A rock?“ asked Gerti.

“A twig,” offered John Paul.

Henry just rolled his eyes with a look, as if to say, it was nothing at all.

Still rubbing her aching head, Sally began to look around. What she found was an acorn lying on the ground. Looking up, she saw a large oak tree.

“What bad luck! An acorn dropped atop my head.” Exclaimed Sally Sue.

The sneaky squirrel snickered and scampered on his branch. His movement pricked Henry’s ear. Squinting, he looked high in the tree. What was that noise? What could it be?

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