In the Barnyard (Part 2)

“Nathaniel? Is that you?” Asked Henry the horse. “We are running to the hills for fun. Want to come?”

“Busy. No thanks.” Nathaniel answered shortly.

“Oh. Okay. Enjoy your day!” Replied Henry as he turned to run.

Eyes on the grassy hills, the friends set off once again. Eager for adventure, eager for fun, and eager to run.

Meanwhile, Nathaniel the squirrel was stuffing acorns into his mouth.

As he stuffed, he scoffed. “Play. Grassy hills. I don’t believe it. Those friends are here on these hills to steal my acorns, but will they? No way!”

Jumping from limb to limb, acorns in tow, Nathaniel determined to chase those friends off the grassy hills and out of the meadow. Finding just the right spot, perched high above those friends, Nathaniel sat carefully aiming his acorns at the friends.

“Ouch!” Exclaimed John Paul the pig. “Something has hit me in the rump.”

The friends stopped with concerned faces, to take a look around.

Then Gerti the goat said, “Look what I found, an acorn on the ground.”

“Hmmm.” Said Henry looking up. “That’s quite a coincidence.”

As Henry looked he saw a furry tail flitting on a branch. Annoyed he announced, “Nathaniel stop hurting my friends.”

“Stop scheming to steal my acorns.” Nathaniel replied.

Confused, Henry looked around. “Why would we steal your acorns, Nathaniel? The farmer feeds us every day in the barnyard.”

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